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The following are the list of IPs, products and solutions offered by Mymo:
1. 4G LTE eNodeB Rel- 9
2. NB-IoT Rel- 14
3. 4G LTE UE - Rel- 9
4. 5G NR UE Rel- 15, 16
5. 5G gNodeB - Rel- 15, 16
6. HCRR (High Capacity Radio Relay)
7. FHRR (Frequency Hopping Radio Relay)
8. 4G LTE Sniffer
10. GSM Interceptor
11. LTE Cat 1 SoC module for Smart Devices & Cloud Application
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Saankhya Labs
1. Rural Broadband Solutions
a. MeghDoot Base Station (IEEE 802.22 compliant)
b. Dhaval CPE Modem (IEEE 802.22 Compliant)
2. Chip sets
a. NextGen Universal DTV Demodulator (SL300XX)
b. Mobile TV integrated receiver (SL400XX)
c. Software Defined Radio Chipsets - SL100x and SL900x
3. Satellite Communications
a. S- Band Modems
b. S- Band Location tracking and reporting Devices
c. L-Band receivers
4. Defense Communications
a. Manpack/ Handheld SDRs (Indigenous Waveforms with MANET)
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1. LTE Residential/Enterprise Femto Base Station Reference Designs
a. 2 Tx/2 Rx Antennas
b. 13 dBm per antenna for Residential , 21 dBm per antenna for Enterprise
c. 16 users for Residential, 64 users for Enterprise
d. FDD/TDD 3GPP Release 9 Compliance (up to Category 4 UEs)
e. Transmission Modes 1-4 supported
f. Support for VoLTE including Semi-Persistent Scheduling, ROHC, and TTI Bundling
g. Support for TR69 based management and TR-181 and TR-196
h. Web GUI for OAM
i. Automatic PCI selection and Automatic Neighbor Relations management
j. Successfully completed tests in service provider labs
2. LTE Micro/Macro Base Station Software
a. Up to 4 Tx/4 Rx Antennas
b. Up to 3 sectors and scalable up to 6 sectors subject to hardware configuration
c. CPRI 4.2 interface to RRH
d. 256 users per sector
e. FDD/TDD 3GPP Release 10 Compliance
f. Transmission Modes 1-4 supported
g. All transmission bandwidths supported
3. NB-IoT Base Station Reference Design
a. Support for 3GPP Release 13 Cat-NB1 devices
b. Soft PHY included in the reference design
c. Software including PHY implemented on x86 with USRP B210 used as RF front-end
4. EPC in a box
a. All EPC elements in a single unit – includes MME, SGW, PDN GW, HSS, and PCRF
b. Simple Web GUI for operation
c. Supports 3GPP compliant S1 interface (S1AP and GTP based)
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IoT Radios, LoRa, LoRaWAN radios, Sensors based on 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4g, LoRa, Sensors for RS485, 4-20mA,
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Lekha Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd
Lekha has a wide range of communication products which uses 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. Below are the range of products offered:

Wave5G – Test and measurement system for signal generation and analysis of 5GNR waveforms. Works as a reference for development and debugging.
4G & 5G Solutions:
We offer ready to manufacture reference designs, solutions for BS and UE. We license:
• #PHY layer stack for 5G NR Release 15.
• #L1, L2 and L3 for LTE eNB Release 10
• #L1, L2 and L3 for LTE UE Release 9
• # L1, L2 & L3 for NB-IOT and Cat M1 UE-Release 14
• #L1, L2 & L3 for NB-IOT eNodeB standalone and EPC-Release 13
• #Base band & Radio HW reference platform for 5G gNB product.
• #Network in box (NIB) solution for Mission critical applications

WaveDyut – IP broadband wireless point to multi point network. Available in multiple form factors and bands. Certified for EMI, EMC and air borne worthiness. Application : Video surveillance, UAV, UGV, Last Mile connectivity, Industrial Automation, Digital TV broadcast and Rural Internet connectivity.
Vyapi – LTE eNB solution. Available as single and 3 sector operations. Application: Personal broadband, Public Safety Network, Railway communication and tactical communication networks.
Laksha – Low bitrate, high reliability link for long range communication. Application: Telemetry, Missile and other high doppler links for battle field communication.
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