Short Course on Game Theory and Competetive Strategies for 4G/ 5G Wireless Networks, February 19-21, 2018

To introduce students/ faculty to the latest research and state-of-the-art techniques in game theory for wireless communication, a short course on “Game Theory and Competetive Strategies in 4G/ 5G Wireless Networks“ is being organized  at IIT Kanpur from 19th  to 21stFebruary  2018. Game theory is a novel framework to model the strategic interaction between multiple competing agents with widespread applicability. Techniques in game theory have been successfully applied in several areas of wireless communication such as 3G/ 4G wireless cellular networks, MIMO/ OFDM wireless technologies, Cognitive Radio and several others, with several researches underway towards exploring its utility in 5G wireless and Massive MIMO systems. More details regarding the course can be found at

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